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  • Combined Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer and White Light Interferometer

  • Base unit (GAN621C1) with a 900nm super luminescent laser diode providing over 150 nm of bandwidth 

  • Capable of 3.0 μm axial resolution, an imaging depth of 1.9 mm in air and a line scan rate up to 248 kHz

  • Coupled with a scanning system (OCTG9), and a scan lens kit (OCT-LK2-BB) of 4.0 µm lateral resolution

  • Custom-made tribometer to study the friction forces at the interface of fingertip and various substrate

  • ​Utilizes a feedback control loop to keep the normal forces constant during the experiment while maintaining contact angle

  • Picosecond 515nm green laser cutter for advanced PCB research and development 

  • Laser cutting, drilling and controlled depth engraving 

  • Can be used to cut or ablate materials such as PCBs, Si wafers, glass, metals and polymers such as PDMS, PET, and Polyimide

LPKF ProtoLaser R4.jpg
  • COHERENT Chameleon Ultra  femtosecond laser with COHERENT Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO-VIS) wavelength extension

  • Two-tint (785nm) detection with modulated probe beam

  • Capable of high throughput through-plane and in-plane thermal transport analysis

  • Integrated with high precision thermal control stage (-190°C to 400°C) for measuring sample properties at different temperatures

  • Custom high voltage environmental capability for nanoscale electroadhesion and electrowetting studies

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  • Biometric system capable of providing seamless insight into: 

    • Eye tracking - Tobii Pro Glasses 2​

    • EEG - ABM B-alert X24 EEG Headset

    • ECG and EMG - Biopac MP160

    • Facial expression measurement 

Invent Lab -09940.jpg
  • High vacuum thin film deposition instrument for FE-SEM imaging and TDTR measurements

  • Fully automated two-target process for metals such as Au, Ti, Al, Mo etc.

Sputter Coater_Leica_edited_edited.jpg
  • Automatic film applicator provides a reliable basis to apply coating films to flexible substrates in a uniform and reproducible way in order to eliminate variations caused by human factors

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