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INVENT Corporate Workshops

Are you ready to get more value from your company or your team?  Work smarter ... Learn faster? Learn how to become more innovative and foster innovation in your teams?

Sign up to learn from field-tested instructors who spent their careers successfully leading the development of complex technologies in a competitive, rapidly changing, high tech industry.

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INVENT Corporate Workshops provide training for modern innovation and entrepreneurship techniques. It is possible to train individuals and groups to be more innovative, thus leading to problem solutions that can be commercialized.

We provide:



Modern Best Practices



Industry Leaders



Project Coaching

Based upon the latest in innovation research, we provide best practices and processes for increasing the speed and impact of research and product development.

Our instructors will share their most impactful experiences and lessons leading highly innovative R&D teams in the fast paced and highly complex disc drive industry. 

Learning is applied to your company projects with coaching from our industry experts.

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On-line classes available 2020-2021



(Available now)

Cultivate your creativity and apply techniques to increase innovation in your design, research, and business activities. Innovativeness is strongly correlated to value creation, and mindset is changeable!

Initial 2 Day workshop

  • Valuable novelty model and Innovator Mindset ® assessment

  • Fixed and growth mindsets

  • Curiosity

  • How to improve the four elements of innovativeness

  • Application of the Observe-Reflect-Create-Act process

  • Serial innovators’ process

  • Iterative experimentation

  • Systems thinking

  • Measuring innovation progress


12 week Project (2-3 Build Measure Learn cycles)

  • 3-5 person teams work on projects (preferably work related)

  • Two three-hour touchpoints held monthly with options for additional mentoring

1/2 Day wrap up (includes final presentations)

Innovation Mind-and-skill-sets for Performance Acceleration in Complex Technology

Research and Development


Agile Technology Leadership

(Coming spring 2021)

Learn how to create an adaptive and high-performance culture geared toward speed and impact in today’s fast moving and complex technology development landscape

Class meets for 4 hours, once per week, for 8 weeks

  • Times can be adjusted for contract groups

Key Topics include:

  • Managing for innovation and creativity

  • Challenges of innovative cultures and countermeasures

  • History of 20th century business practices – not optimized for today’s environment

  • 21st century management – adaptive for complexity

    • Iteration, agile vs. waterfall project management

    • Interconnected systems management and emergent intelligence

  • Shared vision, empowerment, discipline

    • Deliverables

    • Goal setting

    • Innovation accounting

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Cynthia Hipwell

TEES Eminent Professor

  • Two decades of high tech industry experience, 16 years Director/VP,

  • Responsible for divisional and company-wide technology, roadmaps and platform development

  • Led recording head technology development for radical new recording technology transition

  • Member, National Academy of Engineering

  • Member, National Academy of Inventors


Chris Seets

Professor of Practice

  • 22 years high tech industry experience

  • 19 years in management - Adept at creating an adaptive culture in an R&D setting

  • Experienced in all phases of product life cycle from fundamental research to manufacturing

  • Texas A&M former student in engineering

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