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Women Innovators Program

Women Innovators program was developed to create a community for and give visibility to women innovators. There are two aspects of the program, Women Innovators Speaker Series and "Innovation Circles.”

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Women Innovators Speaker Series

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Women Innovators Speaker Series  brings national level women innovator speakers to Texas A&M University. The purpose is to give the entire campus greater visibility of women innovators and their story. The intent is that hearing these stories will broaden views of “who is an innovator” as well as help the audience identify enablers of success for women innovators in the workplace and society. In addition to the main session, the speaker attends a roundtable lunch with women from the program to provide them with additional career advice and role modeling.

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Innovation Circles


“Innovation Circles”, modeled after Lean-In Circles, are meetings to provide a community for women innovators on the Texas A&M campus. The meetings are intended to provide the opportunity to discuss new ideas in a nonthreatening environment as well as have discussions around important innovator skill development and experiences, career opportunities for innovators, and more.

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Planned Calendar of Events 2022-23


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